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Our collections invite you to travel along the Silk Road, awakening our 5 senses: the smell of jasmine and spices, the freshness of rose water, the natural and warm colors, the gold of the deserts of Orients, the sound of the waves...


The Silk Road and Fashion

The Silk Road was a historic trade route that spanned thousands of miles, connecting Asia and Europe. But it was not only a way of exchanging goods and ideas; it was also a melting pot of fashion and culture that influenced the way people dressed and spoke.

One of the most significant ways the Silk Road influenced fashion was through the exchange of silk, a highly prized and sought-after luxurious fabric . It also facilitated the exchange of fashion ideas and styles. For example, the fusion of styles between East and West has led to the creation of new fashion trends, such as the kimono- inspired dresses worn by women in the West, evoking the exotic and mysterious allure of East .

The Silk Road

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The Silk Road has been a catalyst for innovation and creativity in fashion. It facilitated the exchange of luxury goods, ideas, and culture , which influenced the way people dressed and expressed themselves.

The beauty and sensuality of silk , the fusion of Eastern and Western styles, as well as the intricate patterns found in the textiles of the Silk Road, inspire us to create pieces highlighting the timeless influence of its history on the fashion.

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